Scala is both object-oriented and functional with lots of syntactic sugar and features that all the cool kids are wanting. Lots of people really love Scala and lots of people don’t… As a team we’ve been working with and learning Scala for about six months. In this presentation we’d like to share Scala killer features, the challenges with integrating Scala into our team and when Scala is right for your team.

Greg Bio:
Greg started as a software tester in high school and fell in love with software development ever since. With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from ISU in 2012, Greg was ready to tackle the World’s toughest problems! With a year of experience in Scala, Greg is well prepared to give this presentation about 100 days in Scala. Join us for some functional fun.

Tim Bio:
Tim Gifford is a software delivery coach with Lean TECHniques. He specializes in leading and mentoring teams in XP, Lean, Agile and DevOps. Between production outages he enjoys learning, biking and fly fishing.

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We look forward to seeing you there!