Next Meeting - August 5th 6:00pm

At July's meeting, Ken Sype recommended when starting a new project, use the most powerful language available, not the most familiar. One language he thought was powerful was Clojure.

Clojure has the expressivity of LISP, the practicality of the JVM and the discipline of immutability by default. It's a practical language that many people are using to solve real world problems. Ryan Senior currently works for Puppet Labs on the open source, Clojure-based PuppetDB project. At last count, PuppetDB was installed on over 50,000 servers. He has been using Clojure for over four years on projects ranging from basic web apps to query engines. Come hear him talk about the benefits of the Clojure approach with plenty of code examples and success stories.

As usual, pizza/drinks will be provided by our sponsor: TEKSystems

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CIJUG is a user group for application developers in the Central Iowa area. We meet the first Tuesday of the month to discuss Java, JVM technologies, or anything else interesting (Javascript, NoSQL, DevOps, etc)

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